Our Approach

Dubai Plan 2021 is a plan that impacts and involves everyone in Dubai; Emiratis, residents, visitors, government, businesses, international organizations, and others. Accordingly, the development of the plan has taken place through a systematic and well planned exercise that has engaged a large number of stakeholders. The project has engaged government leadership including The Executive Council, Sector Committees, and key figures through interviews and meetings, and has consulted government officials at various levels through a series of workshops and interactive sessions. The exercise also engaged the private sector as well as the public through a comprehensive media campaign that utilized a combination of social and traditional media, to spread awareness, and to collect feedback and ideas on the priority areas within the plan. Dubai Plan 2021 was developed over 5 phases over a period of 1 year.

The key principles for the development of Dubai Plan 2021 were:

  • #1: Develop a plan that will drive Dubai to be among the best cities in the world
  • Best Practice: Identify and adopt best practices in national strategic planning
  • Measurement: Develop a plan that can be measured and assessed by all constituents
  • Engagement: Adopt a development approach that engages the various constituents and stakeholders involved in or affected by Dubai Plan 2021
Our Approach
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