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It’s About You

Dubai Plan 2021 is a plan for everyone. It impacts the lives of everyone living in Dubai or visiting it for business or pleasure. Similarly, we each have a part to play in achieving its objective. Learn about what Dubai Plan 2021 means for you.

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As an Emirati, I have to be committed to my education and my work. I am disciplined and am always looking for ways to improve. This is what Dubai Plan 2021 means to me. Being an Emirati means that I am someone that thinks, innovates, and creates constantly. I find ways to overcome challenges with unwavering hope and humility, and with a smile on my face. I am the continuation of a long history of hard-work and perseverance, and I am the link to a brighter future for my city, my country, and the whole world.

I am someone that cares about my health, and I make sure that my whole family adopts a healthy lifestyle. As an Emirati I am welcoming and respectful to all others, and I believe in collaboration to build a better world for future generations. My connection to this land goes beyond the tall buildings I see. I protect our environment, and keep our air, water, and soil clean. I am proud of my culture, history, heritage, and of belonging to my great country, city, society, and family. I understand that they form the base from which I can achieve anything.

Dubai in 2021 promises a lot. It outlines a world in which I live prosperously with all the tools I need to be creative and productive. It promises great education and development in all areas, and ample opportunities to prove my abilities. I promise that I will be a worthy citizen.